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Cresterea profitabilitatii companiilor clientilor nostri, stabilind noi standarde ale domeniilor in care sunt implicate.


Sustinem tranzitia companiilor spre variante imbunatatite?ale lor: mai precise, mai capabile, mai inteligente.


Prezentam strategii orientate catre rezultate si personalizate in functie de specificul fiecarei companii.


We began seeing sales in a different manner since following Congruent Consulting's advice. Fortunately, so did our clients, or better said, our new business partners.

Sales and Marketing Dept. EuroPro Concept

Congruent Consulting has a certain way of doing things. They develop an action plan that challenges the team and gets each and everyone involved naturally, as things should have always gone. We are left wondering: why didn't we do this in the first place?

CTO, PowerConcept Electronics